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Premiere: The Expansions - Cannonball

January '18

Hailing from South London, jazz funk quartet The Expansions are on the verge of releasing their long awaited debut album, Murmuration. We’re chuffed to have the premiere of ‘Cannonball’ lined up for your ears.

Featuring James O'Keefe on guitar, Dave Koor aka Deoke on keys, Matt Summerfield on bass and Jonny Drop on drums, The Expansions have a truly tight sound. It’s a sound that’s developed over years of playing and writing together. Having released and sold-out two EPs, their debut The Lavender EP and a follow up titled Aubergine’s Escape, their debut album feels somewhat overdue. That said, no band or musician should be expected to rush their work and the time and craftsmanship on Murmuration is evident from the off.

There’s a genuine warmth to 'Cannonball', decorated by O’Keefe’s romantic guitar melodies, that's reminiscent of Minnie Riperton. Meanwhile, the movement of the seven-minute track is absolutely lovely. It gradually builds before falling away, firstly into Koor’s Rhodes solo, and then doing the same into Summerfield’s bass solo. Around the five-minute mark it suddenly explodes into a raucous peak, before receding sublimely back into that soulful pocket. Beautiful.

Murmuration is out on Albert’s Favourites on 9th March. Like their first two EPs, the 7” of ‘Breakthrough’ - the lead single from the album, sold out rapidly. Don’t sleep get on this one! They’ll be launching the album at Peckham’s newest venue, Ghost Notes, the night before, so get down.

Albert’s Favourites' strapline, ‘Our lives are shaped by what we love’, perfectly encapsulates the music-making process behind The Expansions. It’s clear, from how tight and precise tracks like ‘Cannonball’ sound, that this is a group of music heads doing what they love. We love it too.

The Expansions' Murmuration is out on Albert's Favourites on 9th March. Pre-order your copy here.

Get down to the album launch party at Ghost Notes on 8th March! Tickets and more info here.