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Premiere: Thidius - Inversions

December '17

Born out of songwriting experiments between siblings George and Izzy Risk, Thidius are part of the melting pot of creativity coming out of South London at the moment, also featuring Freddie Nice providing fx, James Wilson and Ed Bernez holding down the rhythm section, and Jay Sylvian Thomas on recording, producing, mixing and conceptual influence duties. Having crowdfunded their debut release, Rush You, three years ago, Thidius are back with a long-awaited four track EP, titled Inversions. We're delighted to have been given the full exclusive premiere. 

Drawing upon a vast array of influences spanning jazz, soul, electronica, folk and alternative indie, the band's sound is rich and seriously assured. Since their first release and subsequent European tour supporting King Krule in 2014, Thidius sound like they've developed a deeper and slightly more psychedelic taste to their music, making use of layers and track developments to take you on their musical journey. Speaking to Clash about the lead single, 'Mention Nothing', the band say:

“the song starts off with a chilled sense of rolling timelessness - of the everyday, developing psychedelically as the 'voice' becomes seductive talking about the secrets of one’s mind, whilst enclosed in secrets. The music gradually builds this growing tension until the final section when both music and vocals begin to ‘flip out’. Conceptually and lyrically influenced by the Bjork track - 'Possibly Maybe'.”

Listening to the EP in its entirety you can genuinely hear the attention given to conceptualising and constructing the music - there's a real sense of creativity in the use of odd meter time signatures and complex melodic developments. Yet despite such depth and detail, the music never becomes unlistenable or esoteric. In fact, it's so easy to get into.

The combination of melodic, layered synths and George’s effects-laden guitar with Izzy's rich vocals floating through each track brings a real warmth to the music. James and Ed's tight rhythm section on tracks like ‘Aversion’ and ‘Fab Lentils’ give the EP a groove that you could sit in forever. Lyrically Izzy strikes a wonderful balance between interesting wordplay, like the final section of ‘Aversion’, and enticing lyrics that welcome you into Thidius's world:  

"step this way //

leave no trace //

come join us here in secret //

come listen to our story"

There are also these playful moments throughout, such as her "cuckoo" noises on 'Fab Lentils' that stick in the mind for hours.

As a whole the EP is a multichromatic display of Thidius's sonic palette; an emotional journey taking the listener from the psychedelic opener 'Mention Nothing', to the playful feel of 'Fab Lentils', before delving into the more uptempo, groove-driven 'Aversion' and finishing on the slower 'Butterfly' with its gigantic, epic finale. It's no surprise that they've had support from the likes of Gilles Peterson, who named lead single 'Mention Nothing' track of the day on BBC 6Music.

It's so exciting to hear a five-piece whose constituent members are involved in the South London jazz scene stepping out of that universe, and being so comfortable with their own different, coherent sound. Give the EP a listen, and step into Thidius’ wonderful world.  

Inversions will be self-released soon, head to their bandcamp for more info:thidius.bandcamp.com

Thidius are:

Izzy Risk - vocals / vocal fx
George Risk - guitar / loops
James Wilson - bass
Freddie Nice - guitar / fx
Ed Bernez - drums
Jay Sylvian Thomas - producer and engineer

Artwork: Jack Marshall