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Premiere: De Beren Gieren - Zeeland (Sdban Ultra)


The piano trio. Like French hens, Destiny's Child and the BLT, it's a prime example of the golden rule of three. Piano, bass and drums. A perfect, timeless union of instruments. And yet, Dutch-Belgian outfit De Beren Gieren prove there's enough versatility in the institution to keep things fresh. 

Consisting of Fulco Ottervanger (piano), Lieven Van Pée (bass) and Simon Segers (drums), De Beren Gieren are set to release Dug Out Skyscrapers through Belgian label Sdban Ultra on 29th September. Throughout the album's ten tracks, impressionist piano laces deft brush work and full-bodied bass together, cavorting at every turn inside a cool yet colourful sound world. Not entirely acoustic, swathes of reverb and delay dress the whole package with a glowing, ambient sheen.

We've been given the exclusive premiere of 'Zeeland', a perfect encapsulation of the album's tone and style. A repeating, odd-weighted double bass motif provides pulsing muscle underneath Ottervanger's painterly, chromatic handiwork, while subtle delays give the track a humming, lysergic quality. Proper zone-out gear.

Dug Out Skyscapers is out via Sdban Ultra on 29th September.

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