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Premiere: Caravela - Verde Água (None More Records)

None More Records return on 18th September with their second release after the electrifying debut 7” from Lunch Money. This time they’re back with a debut self-titled EP from London based Afro-Brazilian quintet, Caravela. And we’re lucky enough to bring you the premiere of 'Verde Agua'.

Taking their name from the Portuguese sailing ships of the 16th and 17th Centuries, Caravela effortlessly explore the musical traditions of Portugal, West Africa and Brazil. With members hailing from across the globe it's unsurprising that there's a natural ease in the way Caravela reimagine such rhythms in a modern context.

In keeping with the prevalent revival of jazz-influenced music, Caravela bring an improvisational attitude to the traditional rhythms they seek to explore. No truer is this than on ‘Verde Água’. Built on an ijexá rhythm from Bahia in the North East of Brazil, the drums and percussion effortlessly hold down the groove drawing upon music from the likes of Gilberto Gil, Clara Nunes and Vevé Calazans. Meanwhile, Joseph Costi’s infectious keys playing brings a live energy to the music.

Caravela's self-titled debut EP is out on None More Records on 18th September. Pick up your copy on bandcamp here. 

Get down to their EP launch at Servant Jazz Quarters on 26 September. Tickets and more info here.