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Premiere: Moroka - Kourou et Kabibi EP

JULY '16

We’re extremely excited to exclusively premiere Kourou et Kabibi - the new concept EP from Moroka. Released as a twenty minute mixtape to be listened to in one session, it’s a radical reinterpretation of Papa Wemba’s seminal score for 1980’s Congolese classic La Vie Est Belle, which starred the man himself in the lead role.

Over the years Moroka has made a name for himself amongst some of the most forward thinking artists on the scene, having lent his production talents to artists such as Spoek Mathambo, Thandiswa Miazwai and Baloji. His killer remixes for Baaba Maal, Mory Kante and Child of Luv saw the development of a signature sound, with a MOBO nomination in 2012 for his work with The Very Best well deserved recognition of this artistic growth.

On Kourou et Kabibi, Moroka demonstrates why he is one of the most sought after producers amongst those pioneering a style of music which fuses a range of diverse influences from the African continent and beyond.

Taking us on a musical tour through La Vie Est Belle, Moroka chops up samples of on-screen dialogue, performances and the original score whilst adding synths, beats, and his own afro-electronic stamp to create a Kwaito and House inspired EP of conceptual and experimental music.

Moroka explains his inspiration behind the project:

“After Papa Wemba passed on in April I wanted to discover more about why he is seen as one of the most influential African musicitrans of my lifetime. His contributions to fashion, charity work, film and music are plain to see and and lucky enough to find a subtitled copy of his film La Vie Est Belle I watched it 3 times over the week. Light hearted but reminiscent of Ousmane Sembene approach to post colonial themes and with a title song that grows from acapella to fully fleshed live version by the end of the film I took some time to remix parts of the score and dialogue in to 20 minutes of beats and music. Hope you like.”

Kourou et Kabibi is the debut release on Moroka's own imprint Palm City Records. With more releases in the pipeline and another EP on the way later this year, 2016 is set to be Moroka's.

Pick up the digital and limited edition cassette of Kourou et Kabibi here.