Lonely Table

LT006: Emanative

Drummer, percussionist, producer and crate digger Emanative brings us a vibrant guestmix that draws upon records from London to Ethiopia, the Middle East to Thailand.


Drummer, percussionist, producer and crate digger Emanative brings us a Vibrant guestmix.

Nick Woodmansey, a.k.a Emanative, is an artist with an eclectic taste and a similarly vast output, ranging from spiritual cosmic jazz and funk to dancefloor orientated remixes and re-edits. He’s worked with a diverse range of legendary and contemporary artists over the years, including Matthew Halsall, Zara McFarlane, Ahmed Abdullah, and Four Tet, the latter pair featuring on last year’s phenomenal LP, The Light Years of the Darkness (Brownswood, 2015), also featuring The Pyramids, Earl Zinger and United Vibrations. The project was conceived to raise money for the Steve Reid Foundation, an incredible charity that aims to fundraise on behalf musicians who are suffering from illness or other crises. The musicianship alone is enough to blow your mind and the record plays out with free spirit and finesse, as Emanative reinterprets some of the most challenging jazz compositions ever recorded.

In his own words, Nick’s inspirations and passions lie in “spiritual and otherworldy jazz, as Emanative”, and in “all things african, soul, disco and beyond, as a DJ /selector”. In this exclusive guestmix for Lonely Table however, Nick explains that “by focusing on new music for a change, it has allowed me to play some fresh and varied inspirations and to show some love for a selection of amazing, recent, and upcoming vinyl releases from labels and artists I know and love. Labels and artists who deserve serious props and support for their consistently high quality output”.

The records selected hail “from London to Ethiopia, the Middle East to Thailand, and even a couple of dubplates from myself”. A selection of vinyl and unreleased promos, this is crate digger’s gold! Featuring unreleased material from Al Dobson Jnr (forthcoming on Rhythm Section // 18th March 2016), cuts record collector and compiler Chris Menist’s label Studio Lam and a couple of classics from the vaults.

Plug in and let this mix take you places.


Black Classical - Running The Voodoo Down (On The Corner) 

Al Dobson Jr - Malful - Nebetia (Rhythm Section International) 

Laurel Aitken - Haile Selassie (Soul Jazz Records) 

Collocutor - Agama (Al Dobson Jr Indica Remix) (On The Corner) 

Romare - Prison Blues (Ninja Tune) 

Al Dobson Jr - Live At Makeover (Rhythm Section International) 

Hanna Mekonnen - Ali New Biye (Eastern Connection Thailand) 

Jimi Tenor - Tropical Eel (Philophon) 

United Vibrations - Twister (Ubiquity) 

Emanative - Unity (Home Planet Recordings) 

Berhe Raza - Kule (Eastern Connection Thailand) 

Mulugeta Bezaw - Kulewa (Eastern Connection Thailand) 

Al Dobson Jr - Vibrations (Rhythm Section International) 

Henry Wu - Intro (Rhythm & Rice) (Rhythm Section International) 

United Vibrations - Cave (Ubiquity) 

Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band - Lam San Ra (Nick Manasseh Version) 

Lions Of Judah - Emanative (White)

Mix art by Sam E Thomas.