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LT004: Ruhe

Ambient composer, Ruhe kicks off our mix series for 2016 with this beautiful, seamless mix of ambient soundscapes and classical compositions.


We are pleased to present our first mix of the new year from ambient composer, ruhe.

2015 was an exciting year for an incredibly talented artist; he released his third album, Patriarchs, and saw his interpretation of Nils Frahm's 'Sol' make the Screws Reworked album, released on Erased Tapes Records. 

We first featured Ruhe on the Ear To The Ground section of our site when we launched, and we're delighted to share this tapestry of warm soundscapes and classical compositions, seamlessly weaved together into one extended piece of music. This one is sure to keep you cosy this winter.

Find out more about Ruhe and his latest LP, here. 


1. Anthéne - 'Reaction', from Repose (Polar Seas)

2. Benoît Pioulard - 'I', from Stanza (Baro/Beacon Sound)

3. Relmic Statute - 'IIII', from Sitting Under the Lantern's Glow (Cotton Goods)

4. Johan G. Winther - 'Miserere', from For Ingar Gustavsson (Slaapwel Records)

5.  St Kilda - 'You Are in Every Dream', from St Kilda | EP (Phantom Channel)

6. Brandon Hurtado - 'Cedar', from CR-18: Disappear (Carpi Records)

7. The Archivist - 'Answers Could Not Be Attempted', from The Wooden Laser (Self-released)

8.  Nobuto Suda- '2', from Scenes of Oblivion and Quiet(Indication Records)

9. Federico Durand - 'La Estrella Dormida', from La Estrella Dormida (White Paddy Mountain)

10. Maps and Diagrams- 'Floating Sculptures', from Get Lost (Time Released Sound)

11. The Green Kingdom - 'Autumn Eyes', from Twig and Twine (Own Records)

12. Richard Ginns - 'Sea Change', from Sea Change (Slow Flow Records)

13. Ruhe - 'Shelter', from Patriarchs (Eilean Rec)