Lonely Table


Ravish Momin of NYC-based band, Tarana, selects an eclectic mix of electronic music that is truly full of surprises. 


(Photo: Stephanie F. Black)

We are delighted to deliver an exclusive LT guest mix from Ravish Momin of NYC-based band, Tarana. Their debut full length album, A Fire Of Flowers Grows Around Us, has had us hooked since its release in September on the Zurich-based label Wondermachine.

This personal mix features a broad range of interesting electronic artists who have heavily influenced the musical direction Tarana has taken.  

Ravish selects an eclectic mix of electronic music that blends genres and is full of surprises. With a diverse list of artists ranging from juke/footwork master DJ Rashad to the Ballroom/Jersey Club vibes of Byrell and to the dark dub techno of Andy Stott. The mix also
features tracks from Tarana's new album, including remixes to add that extra bit of spice.



Andy Stott: Florence
Tarana: Invocation (MRC Riddims remix) 
DJ Rashad: Itz not Rite
Tarana: Disposable
Jai Paul: Demo (track 13) 
Shed: Keep Time
Tarana: Keherwa
Andy Stott: Dark Details
Byrell The Great: Burn (Diwali Riddim Remix) 
Tarana- Nanatronic (BKGD Audio Remix)