Premiere: Paradise Bangkok: The Album Volume 2



Paradise Bangkok return in style with their latest compilation, Paradise Bangkok: The Album Volume 2, a collection of the highly sought after Paradise Bangkok 45s, including vintage luk thung and molam, that have been released over the past two years. For the first time they’re available all in one heavy compilation with the addition of three exclusive never before reissued tunes.

We’ve been handed the premiere of ‘Lam Plearn Maeng Tub Tao’ by Onuma Singsiri, from the compilation. Onuma Singsiri hails from Khon Kaen in the northeastern region of Thailand, where much of the traditional molam music originates. And like much of the molam music on the compilation, this tune does not disappoint.

Lewis Heriz, graphic designer behind the comic which came with Volume 1, also contributes this time round in the form of a hand drawn insert titled ‘The Cosmology of Paradise Bangkok’. Covering everything from Iran’s Googoosh to Ethiopia’s Mulatu Astatke, this piece is an imaginary musical map illustrating the connections between music from the Swahili coast to South East Asia via the Arab Peninsula.

Pick up your copy of Paradise Bangkok: The Album Volume 2 on bandcamp here.

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