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Interview: Lunch Money


We've been keeping tabs on Lunch Money for a while now. Their blend of live instrumentation and electronics sits at the meeting point of a variety of styles and influences, with each new track keeping us on our toes – just how we like it. Solid rhythmic backbones are covered in ambient noises with guitar, sax and additional percussion chucked into the mix. Nicely easing us into the week, we've been handed the exclusive premiere of the brilliant video to 'Flashing Neon Signz'. We also caught up with Lunch Money's Spencer Martin for a quick chat about the band. Enjoy.

Tell us a bit about your sound, what are your inspirations and influences?

The only two who can really play are Stewart The Drummer & Luke The Bassist. We leave the actual music to them, let them cover the rhythm & groove. Then to larger and lesser extents the rest of us piss around on top. Inspiration and influence are not easy topics of discussion for the band, as the range of taste is so broad. I always look to Mort Garson’s Plantasia as the main ingredient, then maybe cushion that with GZA’s Liquid Swords & perhaps a hint of Yasuaki Shimizu’s Kakashi. Dress lightly with Philip Glass and serve over Kid A.

You have quite a technical set up. Can you talk us through it a bit?

Although we’ve got the set up looking like a budget spaceship, it’s really just a lot of normal instruments in the same room. Versatility has always been important when we make music together, so to have a wide a pallette of sound at your fingertips is I suppose the reason behind the spaceship.

How have you seen the band grow since you first got together?

We started off as a very large band, nine or 10 members I think. Slowly but surely all the best players left and what you now see is more or less a collection of guys who didn’t have anything else going on. Our trumpet player Jim left a few years back to tour the world with his theatre company, but we let him back in when we found out he had a six seater van.

With the world currently in the state it's in, do you find this informs your music?

Lunch Money was originally founded as a private militia with the aim of raiding Fort Leavenworth military prison and freeing Chelsea Manning. Everything we do is an attempt to bring about a massive armed global revolution.

The new video is visually stunning, how did it come together?

Over the last year or so I’ve had a recurring dream in which Lunch Money are playing a gig, and ourselves and the audience are slowly sinking through a sort of endless well. Everything’s alright though, as we all seem to have developed gills or some sort of breathing apparatus which has allowed us to escape drowning. Dropping a load of stuff into a fishtank seemed the best way to replicate this dream whilst still adhering to the underwhelming constraints of reality.

What can we expect from you guys in 2017?

Hopefully 2017 should see the release of an almost finished album, but failing that you’ll definitely see more weirdo music being released, more weirdo videos let out into the ether and probably a few more bandmates leaving.

Finally, what musical discovery have you recently made that has got you most excited?

Alvin Lucier’s ‘I Am Sitting In a Room’ - the title says it all.

Pick up your copy of their debut 7" 'Flashing Neon Signz' / 'Yam Taeng' on None More Records here.

Catch Lunch Money in all their glory at Total Refreshment Centre this Friday, 20th Jan and supporting Soccer 96 at The Jazz Cafe next month. More info here and here, respectively.