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Preview: Sons of Kemet Live


Sons of Kemet have established themselves as a formidable act over the past five or so years, winning praise for their progressive, energetic and inimitable performances. If you find yourself lucky enough to catch their enormous sound live, prepare to be taken to another dimension.

Ahead of their intimate show at Battersea Arts Centre, saxophonist and bandleader Shabaka Hutchings sent us this short video of the most powerful moments from their Village Underground set in May. 

"We've wondered for a while what it would be like to take all the most hyped moments from one of our shows and compress them into one power packed jab to the gut. An energy collage of sorts. A recent show at London's Village Underground provided the perfect opportunity to get our friends from Tenentnet down to film and distill the goodness."

Shabaka Hutchings

Sons of Kemet play Borderless at Battersea Arts Centre, alongside Vels Trio, on Thursday 11th August. Tickets and more information here.