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Preview: Collocutor - The Search

JULY 2016

Collocutor are a 7-piece jazz ensemble lead by Tamar Osborn. In 2014, they made their mark on the scene with their acclaimed debut, Instead. Released through On The Corner records, the LP saw Tamar realise her artistic vision with music that touched all corners of the world, and drew upon space and time.

Comparisons have rightly been made to the likes of Mulatu Astatke, Yusef Lateef and Joe Henderson. Strains of 70s spiritual jazz interact with freer excursions, neatly fitting alongside rhythms from Africa, India and elsewhere around the world.

Their forthcoming album, The Search, is due for release later this year. To help fund its production and distribution, they’re using crowdfunding platform Indiegogo. Packages include dubplates, limited edition vinyl, private gigs and more - so make sure you act fast and help bring the LP to life here: https://igg.me/at/collocutor

On The Corner Record's boss Pete Buckenham put together some words about the crowdfunding project, working with the talented Tamar Osborn and, of course, the music itself.

Collocutor are returning with a new album. The band's second LP The Search was recorded in January and we’ve been crowdfunding to make sure the vintage analog studio, rich mixdown and mastering are all accounted for.

Collocutor’s debut Instead was On the Corner’s second physical release and represented a steep learning curve as we connected with a strong bunch of reputed DJs. Receiving plaudits and support from discerning DJs following Instead’s release in 2014 gave us reason to focus on where we could take things next. Instead became an album of note at the end of 2014 and the band have since gone on to play London Jazz Festival, Patrick Forge and Gilles Peterson's ‘Dingwalls’ and Tamar has been a supporting pillar to the likes of Kamasi Washington, Clap Clap and Dele Sosimi.

Tamar Osborn's writing is an antidote to the trappings of a postmodern, quick and easy saccharine-hit world not built for longevity, depth and substance. In the sleeve notes I rattled on about how inspiring she is as an artist and composer. On the Corner remains privileged to work with her and Collocutor. I went to record some behind the scenes footage of them in the studio back in January. Even from behind the lens I was spellbound and emotionally moved as ‘Arrival’ was summoned into being. The ‘live’ recording of that track is exclusively available here on the bandcamp and here on the crowdfund.

In 2013 after hearing unmixed takes of 'Instead' played at the early On The Corner DJ sessions by Emanative (Instead’s Producer) I felt the depth and heard something unique. Modern modal numbers with an analog aesthetic that enriches so much of my favourite music.

I was just releasing the label's first 12" around that time and the proposition of Collocutor was a palette of rich sound for our blank canvas free of assumption or expectation. Not having released anything at that point I now think retrospectively that it was both a blessing and a curse to take it on whilst so wet behind the ears. Not knowing the size of the task or the challenges of breaking new music, getting into stores, reaching an appreciative audience and then equating it all to sales was all better off unknown. We broke even just about though if you consider it has been four years work for the band and three for the label. Which is why we are crowdfunding to enable us to get back to the starting line. Cutting through the hype and hot air of such revered releases is a challenge too which is why we’ve tried Indiegogo as a way to make The Search happen.

Being in the reckoning though did focus our thinking of our work together and how we would achieve making the album happen. Tamar’s artistic brilliance is backed up with a tremendous resolve, hard work and an abundance of patience. Crowdfunding is not something we entered into lightly and we hoped that the band’s originality offered up opportunities for the audience to contribute to the process. The initial campaign ends in a few days and just about gets us to the next stage though we are hoping the super limited live dubplates, album pre-orders and the array of perks offered by the band members such as private performances to alexander technique sessions. It’s rumored there will even be a pair of my musical socks up there, freshly laundered and with a full album download too of course.

Words by Pete Buckenham.

Pre-order the LP/MP3 and find out how else you can get involved with funding Collocutors forthcoming album on Indiegogo, here.