Interview: Mall Grab



Words by Rory Connaughton & Kenza Long
Production by Kenza Long

JABBA is a new night residing in Brighton with deep rooted ties in acid. As a young night, its boundaries are relatively loose and continually growing. It caters to contemporary artists who push future sounds, backing anything from Bok Bok to Japan Blues so long as it’s out-there, energetic, and synced in with those space-age sounds. It’s based in a city with a strong appreciation for house and techno right now, with clubs like MONO and Patterns flashing talent like Hashman Deejay and Call Super.

After seeing the crowd’s hype and appreciation for the acts JABBA is pulling in, the team decided to add another cosmic flare in the form of a unique interview series – Jibba Jabba. Jibba Jabba offers the ravers who couldn’t make it down a special insight into what goes on pon de dancefloor - through up close and personal interviews with JABBA groovers and their headline DJs. Be prepared to be taken on an exclusive journey of conversation, music and events.

Following a sell-out first night at The Tempest Inn with Rush Hour records starlet Interstellar Funk, JABBA mixed it up slightly by gracing Brighton with another debut in the form of lo-fi pres Mall Grab. Hailing all the way from Newcastle, Australia, Mall Grab was in the midst of his first European tour, hopping straight from Boiler Room Paris to cut some records in the basement of the South coast’s favourite Italian restaurant, Al Duomo’s. Whilst it’s not always easy to ensure an artist debut with every night, JABBA always maintains their policy of a new venue for each event. With every night JABBA also focuses on bringing in unique artists and this one definitely fit the bill, filling the void for a lack of Lo-Fi orientated nights in Brighton.

Mall Grab lived up to his ethos of not taking DJing too seriously and being a fun-loving selector, as he mentioned briefly in his interview for JABBA’s latest venture - Jibba Jabba, “If it goes down bad pull it out early and play Yung Thug”. To get the crowd stepping he drew for some of his heavier artillery such as Damiano Von Erckert’s ‘Housem III’ which he hooked in his Boiler Room earlier that week, followed by some more bass-laden beats with Alden Tyrell’s ‘Some House’. Mall Grab still managed to maintain the acid flavours with one of his early seminal tracks ‘Untitled’ and even dropped some Balaeric beats like Kornel Kovacs’ ‘Pantalón’, rounding off a perfectly balanced set.

In episode 001 of Jibba Jabba, Kenza Long has Mall Grab in the hot seat. Catching up with him after his Brighton debut at Al Duomo’s, they discuss everything from what a Mall Grab actually is to Sydney’s illegal rave scene.

In Jibba Jabba 002, Space Dimension Controller will be in the firing line – when Kenza chats with him after his set at Komedia. Watch this space for the release.