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Dig and Discover: Andy Stott - Luxury Problems

Artist: Andy Stott

Album: Luxury Problems

Label (Year): Modern Love (2012)

For Fans of: Yagya, Actress, Zomby




Words by Jasper Morvaridi

If you’re into your techno, or dub techno for that matter, Andy Stott is most probably on your radar. His 2012 release, Luxury Problems asserted Stott’s industrial sound. A sound that very much followed on from his short album releases Passed Me By and We Stay Together, in 2011.

Dark drone textures, layers of reverb, and a mix of deeply unsettling bass and industrial noises, form the overall mood of the album. Whilst the atmosphere remains consistent, song structures and the use of Alison Skidmore’s add a subtle variant that carries the album throughout.

The title-track, ‘Luxury Problems’, and opener, ‘Numb’, personally stand out as favourites, for their layers of vocals and groove-like rhythm. Additionally, ‘Hatch The Plan’ adds a club-like element to the record with its 4/4 kick drums, (though slowed to a steady 97bpm).

Not for the faint hearted, this one is without a doubt a headphones moment.