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Dig and Discover: Shed - Shedding The Past

Artist: Shed         

Album: Shedding The Past

Label (Year): Ostgut Ton (2008)

For fans of: Prosumer, Carl Craig, Derrick May, Orbital




Words by Theo Kotz

Shed is just one of Rene Pawlowitz’ many monikers: there’s also the power house (also the name of his label) of Head High, the malleable DJ tools of Wax, and many more that I won’t name here. However, Shed is undoubtedly the moniker that Pawlowitz is best known for, largely down to this LP.

Released on Berghain’s ‘Ostgut Ton’ imprint, which had already become techno’s discerning spiritual home, Shedding The Past was a shattering statement of intent and remains a cornerstone of the genre. It consists of lean, uncluttered techno cuts with a lush warmth and an undeniable, almost gravitational, pull on the listener’s attention. It is music so devastatingly effective that it can leave me engulfed and disorientated in whatever setting I listen to it. Though Shed rarely spends long making a tune, not a single track or minute element feels superfluous, which leaves the perfect space for tracks to breathe and take hold.

You might call it a quintessentially German piece of music in its sure-handed efficiency. I call it killer dance music.