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Dig and Discover: Fumaça Preta - Fumaça Preta

Artist: Fumaça Preta

Album: Fumaça Preta          

Label (Year): Soundway Records (2014)

For Fans of: Goat, Hookworms, Os Brazoes



Words by Lexy Morvaridi

Fumaca Preta’s debut throws you into a psychedelic samba dance across a Salvador Dali soundscape of R’n’B and groove.

Opening track ‘Pupilas Dilatadas’, sets the tone with a trippy arrangement of voodoo percussion, while the Tropicalia-infused fuzz of ‘Toda Pessoa’ sounds like an acid-inspired samba. Founded by Portuguese-Venezuelan producer Alex Figueira and based in Amsterdam, the songs offer a myriad of influences ranging from psychedelic rock to acid house. The use of a Roland TR-808 can be heard throughout ‘Tira Sue Mascara’, and the title track has a riff that even Tony Iommi would envy. All the songs are layered on Brazilian and Latin rhythms that make you want to dance, head bang, and salsa all at once.

As a live quintet, expect a raucous, trippy party that is not to be missed.

DISCLAIMER: Best served with an array of halucegenics and a dance floor.