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Dig and Discover: Dalhous - Will To Be Well

ARTIST: Dalhous     

ALBUM: Will To Be Well

LABEL (Year): Blackest Ever Black (2014)

FOR FANS OF:  Emeralds, Sun Glitters, Ben Frost, Tim Hecker




Words by Stef Fiorendi

Dalhous is the project of Scottish duo Marc Dall and Alex Ander, formerly known as Young Hunting. They were signed to London/Berlin dark electronic label Blackest Ever Black Records, in 2010.

If you listen to Young Hunting’s first album, The Night of the Burning,  you would naturally draw similarities between the band’s sound and penchant,  medieval rituals. Will To Be Well, however, is nothing to do with darkness and medieval atmospheres.

On this most recent album, the music sounds delicate and ephemeral. It could be easily compared to an abstract painting or drowsy Sunday mornings, spent staring out of the window over hazy landscapes. (This is how I imagine a typical Sunday morning in the Highlands)!

This blissful imagery is conveyed by the dense and layered sounds, spontaneously created by Dall and sensibly manipulated by Ander. The use of synthesizers, sampling and re-recording, helps melt everything together, to create a rich and impenetrable sound. Despite the many layers appearing out of focus, your mind remains clear and opened. The compositions are smooth and suggestive, with a slightly futuristic edge, which moves your contemplative vision from your bedroom to another dimension.

Honestly? I found Dalhous while looking for some new ambient music to substitute my sleeping pills. It worked wonderfully.