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Sound of '17: Suma Sound



The recently rebranded Suma Sound have been throwing parties and touring their system for a good while, providing bass weight for Bestival, Secret Garden Party and Shambala, even taking their system across Europe all the way to Croatia. With a new name and a refurbished system, these are the guys to power your party.

Their 7k rig is ample size if you want the walls of a smaller venue shaking, consisting of a pair of double 18" USBs, 15” Cubo subs and ported mid-tops, all powered by Crown amplification and DBX speaker management to allow fine tuning for each unique space or venue. Prioritising sub-weight over high-fidelity, Suma prefer to arrange the setup in one stack, free party style, so the sound is the focus and not the DJ.

Rebranded for a fresh start in 2017, their four-man crew are pushing the strongest of selections and rig excursions. Most recently, their outings have included delivering sound for Boiler Room, Church of Sound and a link-up party with dub outfit Pig & Rig. Check out Oli BW’s 2016 selection for Suma Sound, featuring all new releases from last year (and one reissue for good measure). Also well worth a go is Beje Borge’s launch mix from last month featuring a bunch of records he picked up on a crate-digging trip through the African continent.

With a launch party forthcoming in their home of South East London, 2017 is set to be a big year. If you need a rig, give Suma Sound a shout.