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Sound of '17: Maxwell Owin



Maxwell Owin has three artists he cites on his facebook as influences: Burial, Bill Evans, and J Dilla. This could not be a more accurate summary of the sounds he creates. His broken, garage beats are overlaid with jazz piano and floating sax melodies, and he rounds the whole thing off with a hip-hop sensibility. His EP Fruits and Flowers dropped in March 2016, and the lineup of featuring musicians is enough to get even the most uninitiated of music fans excited, calling in members of Sumo Chief and Nerija. Maxwell’s tunes sound like thoughtful reflections as much as they are songs in their own right, as concept heavy themes run throughout the audio visual piece released alongside the EP.

Lending out his production duties, Maxwell has created laidback hip-hop inspired jams on tracks for Jesse James Solomon, while proving his versatility on more club-oriented beats for the likes of MC Pinty feat. Rago Foot

We recently had Maxwell down to our birthday night to spin a few tunes. Little did we know he would be bringing an effects unit, with an inbuilt theremin delay controller and a sample pad to create an incredible set alongside Nubya Garcia, that took mixing to the next level. The legend also continued to play for three hours at the afterparty – the man lives for the tunes! Big up.

Maxwell brings the whole package and we know that 2017 will bring us more killer material.