Lonely Table

Ear to the Ground

Emma-Jean Thackray


JUNE '17

Words by Zemzem.

Oh. Emma dooo. 
The first I read about Emma-Jean Thackray was on a poster for a Rhythm Section night in March earlier this year. She shared the bill with homeboys Super Best Friends Club and supergroup NÉRIJA. Bradley Zero on the decks. 
I’m not gonna lie, I went in with no particular interest in the support (EJ). 
I walk in as her set had early started. She stood solo on stage with trumpet, soundback and laptop and keys and knobs. 
And Deeeaar LAAAWD. I was floored. So much talent in one human. 

Let’s talk about the Walrus EP. Because I can talk about her for days and you should meet her instead. She was showing me how to ollie at church the other day, but she was wearing socks in Birks so she aired it. 
The Walrus EP features Emma-Jean on trumpet, synth, prod and flugel. Ben Kelly on tuba, Elliott Galvin on the organ and Wurlitzer, pie eye collective on electronics and the grandiose Liz Exell on drums. N.b. Liz is prefixed by an adjective because I’ve never had the pleasure to see the others perform yet, but they are no doubt just as grandiose. Nevertheless, an outstanding selection of London based musicians, evidently sharing seamless chemistry. 
Now, perhaps it’s because I’m a massive flugel fan but I found true salvation in this record. Snug at home. 8 tracks inc. 3 interludes. 

I must have listened to it about 42 times now. More than a handful in an accidental row. Oblivious. Because…becaaauuse. Because it’s so subtly layered. There’s so much to lend your ear to, that you discover a different record every time. Mmh. I’m not gonna give you an idea with a verbal salad of genre, just give it a listen.

And come check her out. This weekend, 17th June, at The Total Refreshment Centre.

Xoxox Zemzem