Lonely Table

Ear to the Ground

Tony Njoku



The delicate sound of British-Nigerian, Tony Njoku, is a tender display of songwriting talent. His EP, To Escape, is a pleasure to listen to, calling to mind the stark elegance of Anthony & The Johnsons in its minimalist compositions and soulful vocals. On ‘There Is A Way’, Njoku’s voice combines with subtle bass underneath, making for an odd, yet welcome, aural treat. The beats driving the EP’s title track develop gradually into moody electronic reverberations, demonstrating not only Njoku’s accomplished songwriting, but his comparable skills as a producer. The EP’s final track, ‘There Is No Way’, was recorded in a church in Brighton and encapsulates the raw beauty of the song’s sentiment, while proving that less can indeed be more.

Njoku is currently recording his debut LP.