Lonely Table

Ear to the Ground

J Churcher



Imagine combining the sentimental songwriting skills of Richard Hawley, the synth driven angst of Joy Division, and the delicate soundscapes of Mazzy Star. Somehow, after all of that, you’re left with J Churcher.

There’s a certain familiarity to the enigmatic Londoner’s music. Adding to this sense of mystery, there’s very little information about J Churcher online, aside from his music and a visually stunning tumblr page. Having had regular 6Music airtime, he’s certainly set for big things. Here are three things we know:

  1. The three track EP he’s released, Yesterday, is brilliant.
  2. He’s signed to respected underground label, 37 Adventures.
  3. The music video for ‘Yesterday’ is directed by Perfume Genius… enough said.