Lonely Table

Ear to the Ground




Milan-based Giöbia’s first album, the melodic garage-psych Hard Stories, was released back in 2010. They soon followed this with 2013’s Introducing Night Sounds, a groovy mix of 60s psych-pop, shoegaze, and experimental drones. Both releases raised an enthusiast buzz for the four-piece, signed to German label Sulatron Records, and were complemented with a European tour of some of the continent’s most prestigious underground venues.

Their most recent work, The Magnifier, draws on the 70s psychedelic rock of the likes of Goblin, Gong and Kyuss, to which they add a gritty hint of stoner - dark bass lines and harsh guitar riffs. The album is the result of a spontaneous composition (‘Sun Spectre’ is a fifteen-minute improvisation) and a recording/mixing session that aimed to evoke suggestive lysergic atmospherics suffused with melancholic and obscure images...

Their new tour kicks off this month and we can guarantee that their live shows are a trip into the realms of outer space; a voyage through luminescent galaxies and tenebrous black holes.

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