Lonely Table

Ear to the Ground




You know that feeling when you need some new music but everything you find sounds stale? Well, 808INK solve this problem with a raucous assault on the orthodox. Producer 808Charmer’s deep beats are often layered with synth lines that sound like they exist solely to put the listener on edge. Still, throughout their latest release, Billy's Home, the duo also demonstrate a knack for crafting grooves that are easy on the ears.

Rapper Mumblez Black addresses London’s ills with refreshing honesty, reflecting the anger that’s bubbling among much of the city’s youth at the moment. The capital has a rich history of assertion in the face of authority, captured in genres such as punk and grime and while 808Ink embody much of these two subcultures, they aren’t afraid to mix things up with slow jams and melodic intervals to demonstrate the extent of their artistic capabilities. Tracks like ‘Crooked.Bad’ fuse the angry with the soulful, with the outcome a blend of hip-hop that sounds like nothing else currently coming out of Britain.

All music is recorded in a South London garage, while visuals are taken care of by artist Pure Anubis. Artwork seems to be an important element of the outfit; their Facebook page is adorned with a Sex Pistols-esque defaced image of the Queen and an array of high-end production videos accompany their tracks. The artwork accompanying Billy's Home shows that like the punk acts before them, 808INK don’t give a fuck.  

Having self-released two albums already, these guys are successfully bringing their own style to the UK hip-hop scene and we love it.