Lonely Table

Ear to the Ground




Ruhe creates warm ambient soundscapes using a range of recording techniques and acoustic instruments, including magnetic audio tape, sampled vinyl records and field recordings. Based in Vancouver Washington, his music has a vague sense of familiarity through its comforting arrangement of sound. 

His third album to date, Patriachs, eases you through a journey of layered sounds and field recordings that are littered with delicate piano melodies, synth lines and dulcet tones. There is an incredible warmth and melancholy to this record. You can truly feel the presence and personal experience of the artist throughout.

Ruhe is garnering the attention of some of the leading contemporary classical artists such as Nils Frahm, who handselected Ruhe's remix of 'Sol' for the Screws Reworked LP. Out last December on the ubiquitous Erased Tapes, Ruhe is joining the increasing popularity of neo-classical music. 

Ruhe recently put together a guestmix for Lonely Table. Check it out: