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Guest Playlist: Miryam Solomon


Miryam Solomon is a London-based singer-songwriter by way of Sweden and Eritrea. Building on the guitar-led downtempo of 2014's Evergreen EP, Solomon continues to explore a fertile environment where jazz, folk and electronica overlap with new EP, Magnolia. 

Rich in texture and atmosphere, the EP flits kaleidoscopically between the smoky, psychedelic minimalism of 'Something About Your Mother' to the title track's dreamy pulse and the bluesy strut of 'Drunk Sailor'.

Solomon's wry lyrics and understated voice-as-instrument stitch the EP's various influences and elements together, with help from a cast of contributors including Sons of Kemet's Shabaka Hutchings and Seb Rochford.

To coincide with the release of the EP, Solomon has gifted us with a selection of musical inspirations celebrating, in her own words, "rich harmonies, strong melodies and nice drums".


Van Hunt- ‘I Dream About Candy’

He’s such an eclectic artist. Every record he puts out feels like an invitation to another part of his musical world. His songwriting and use of language is always really clever, often playing with words and double meanings, creating tension through his sentence construction.

Hello Skinny - ‘Crush'

The interplay with the drums and handclaps is so good!

Iman Omari - 'Addicted'

I love the magic of a strong melody, how even in its simplicity it can carry a whole song.

Meshell Ndegeocello - ‘Comet Come To Me'

Meshell is a genius. Her music is so rich, yet fluid and always with great bass grooves. I really like the motion and movement in this song and how it opens up in the chorus.

Aster Aweke - 'Melahin Nigeregn'

Aster Aweke is an Ethiopian singer with a career spanning almost four decades. This is from her 1983 album ‘Hagerae’. Her melodies and phrasings are really beautiful.

Thundercat - 'Is It Love'

Gorgeous track and harmonies.

Auclair - 'Mersea Mersea Me

Such a buoyant and original sound! I remember hearing this for the first time thinking how amazing it was, the production and vocal arrangement. It got me really excited about the possibilities of the voice.

Marjan - 'Kavir-e Del'

A friend of mine played this for me a couple of years ago. I don’t know much about Marjan, but it’s a really great 70’s Persian pop tune.


Miryam Solomon's new EP Magnolia is out now.

Pick up your copy here.