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Guest Playlist: Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy

February '18

Colleen ‘Cosmo’ Murphy has been championing digging and sharing music her whole life. In her early days, she channeled all things house through her Club 89 show on WNYU-FM. In recent years it’s been the great success of audiophile listening and learning experience, Classic Album Sundays, and even more recently, her monthly Cosmodelica show on Worldwide FM, which sees Murphy select anything from Alice Coltrane to Mad Professor remixes of Massive Attack. She does what she does for the pure and genuine love of music.

Murphy often talks about the moment it all changed, or rather, started: when she first walked into New York institution The Loft. Testament to founder David Macuso's vision, The Loft remains one of the longest running parties in history. Its soul and core values and freedom of expression heavily-paved the way for dance music culture as we know it today. As Mancuso's protege, Colleen filled in as musical host at The Loft and together they produced The Loft compilations.

Lucky Cloud Soundystem, 18th June 2017

14 years ago Mancuso, Murphy and friends carried the spirit of The Loft to London with the beginnings of East London’s Lucky Cloud Soundsystem. A Sunday evening knees up where, much like The Loft, you can expect incredible audio quality, an inclusive atmosphere and a carefully selected soundtrack featuring tunes played in their entirety, that cover everything from post-punk to pure disco. The result is genuinely one of the best parties we’ve ever been to. [Further reading via RA’s long read: From The Loft to the sky: The story of Lucky Cloud Soundsystem].

Next Sunday, she's bringing her musical spirit further, to Peckham’s new hot-spot, Ghost Notes. Ahead of the gig, the incredible selector herself has kindly put together a playlist of tunes to guide you right through that Sunday feeling. Enjoy.

John Tropea - 'Short Trip to Space'

A spacey and psychedelic yet funky opener that sets a welcoming tone.

Brass Construction - 'Music Makes You Feel Like Dancing'

A David Mancuso favourite with a message that draws dancers to the floor.

Aurra - 'When I Come Home (Larry Levan Remix)'

Lift off with a classic remix from the Paradise Garage DJ.

Shirley Lites - 'Heat You Up Melt You Down'

A Cosmo classic that fuses the best of soulful New York and synthy Italo Disco.

The Rapture - 'How Deep Is Your Love? (Emperor’s Machine Remix)'

A noughties no-wave New York classic with a remix from Andy Meecham.

Crazy P - 'Caught Up (Still Going Remix)'

Tough Mancunian funk with a psychedelic techno twist courtesy of another one of my favourite production teams of Liv Spencer and Eric Duncan.

Cerrone - 'Give Me Love'

Beautiful and sexy French disco that sadly doesn’t credit the female vocalist!

Lonnie Liston Smith - 'Space Princess'

One of this space princess’ favourite cosmic jazz workouts.

Brainstorm - 'We’re On Our Way Home (Part 1 & 2)'

Bringing it all back h(ohm).

Herbie Hancock - 'Stars in Our Eyes'

A gorgeously cosmic song to wrap up the evening and that leaves an indelible ear-worm.

Colleen 'Comso' Murphy plays Ghost Notes on Sunday 11th February.

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