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Guest Playlist: Gaby Hernandez

JUNE '17

Warmth, love and collaboration are at the heart of Gaby Hernandez’s musical career. Born and raised in Los Angeles, of Chilean descent, Gaby’s been a fixture of the L.A. scene since the early 2000s. She was a founding member of Build An Ark, a creative ensemble of musicians formed as an immediate peace initiative in response to the 9/11 attacks. She’s been a featuring vocalist for a wealth of artists, and was the sole vocalist on Teebs’ Brainfeeder debut Ardour in 2010.

Spirit Reflection is Gaby’s third full-length album, following When Love and Sweet, Starry Night, and features an incredible line up of Los Angeles talent including Kamasi Washington, Stuart Howard (aka Lapalux), and Kelis and Gaslamp Killer collaborator Dexter Story. Graceful and lilting, Spirit Reflection pulls on a variety of different musical styles, from jazz and folk to electronica, all embellished with Latin percussion and rhythms. Layers of flutes, saxophones and guitars accompany Gaby's vocal harmonies, producing gauzy, rose-tinted melodies. The whole package is cosy and nostalgic, perfect for slow summer weekends.

Gaby’s put a playlist of tunes together for us, revealing a slight penchant for melody, texture and expression... From Debussy to Bing Crosby, Joyce Moreno to Sade, this one’s for the romantics.


Claude Debussy - La Flûte de Pan

"Debussy has inspired me to create impressions with music."

Samuel Barber - Monk and His Cat

"Samuel Barber's gorgeous melodies, rich chordal textures and choice of poetry has taught me how to think outside of the musical box. I'm also in love with how Leontyne Price was his favourite muse. She's one of the greats!"

Bing Crosby - May I?

"Bing Crosby's clear as a bell tone and strong expression of lyrics makes me feel like he's singing to me and only me!"

Astrid Gilberto - Take Me To Aruanda

"Another gorgeous voice that is so unique and stylistically her own. I've always been drawn to her gentle and sweet vibrato-less tone. I love authenticity in a voice. You can hear it in her in her first note!"

Joyce, Nana Vasconcelos, Mauricio Maestro

"This entire recording is a masterpiece. Joyce has become one of my favorite Brazilian singers of all time. On this track, I love how they create a mood with their impeccable harmonies. Exactly like the titles suggest:

Suite: Part 1 - Memorias do Porvir / Part 2 - Visoes do Amanhece

(Suite: Part 1 - Memories of the Future / Part 2 - Visions of Dawn)"

Earth, Wind and Fire - Reasons

"Soul and intimacy with a jab. And those outfits! I wish I could convince my band to dress like this!."

Sade - War of The Hearts

"Sade is a Queen in my eyes! Everything she does is ultra romantic and I'm just completely in love with her. Such a warm and unique sound she has created!"

Milosh - Your Taste

"I have been a big fan of Milosh's beautiful voice since 2004 when I saw him live here in Santa Monica. He's not next to Sade because I think they sound alike, they have their own unique sound. But they do both create a sense of intimacy like no other. Looking forward to the new Rhye record!"

Kamasi Washington - Truth

"What he does with this piece is not only uplifting, but emotionally explorative. How many places do I go when I listen to this? Countless. Endless. I go to the end of the universe, stop by Uranus and come back to Earth. It makes me feel like anything is possible. It is magical, just like Kamasi!"

Ill Camille - Live It Up

"I'm inspired by this woman's energy, vibe, independence and amazing album. The entire record is incredible. I just love her! I'm her biggest fan!."

Spirit Reflection is out now via Mr. Bongo, buy it here!