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Guest Playlist: Batida


This week’s playlist comes from Batida, the critically acclaimed Angolan/Portuguese DJ, producer and social activist. Batida has become a household name in Portugal with his electronic floor fillers that mix 1970s Angolan samples with contemporary beats, all tied together with powerful socio-political commentary.

His latest project is a collaboration with legendary Congolese outfit, Konono No. 1, aptly titled Konono No. 1 Meets Batida - out now on Crammed Discs. He’s also currently campaigning to help free political prisoners in Angola, many of which are his friends and collaborators - including Luaty Beirão, also known as Ikonoklasta. Find out more here.

Batida has selected an eclectic mix of tracks from Lisbon’s ever-exciting music scene, switching it up between Afrobeat, hip-hop and reggae and providing a fitting introduction to the wide range of music coming out of Portugal’s vibrant capital city. Here are a few words from the man himself:

“For some reason I feel nostalgic for these times, so here you have a selection of 90’s and early 2000’s classics from Lisbon. Of course I had to drop one or two in from Luanda. My favorite rapper, Ikonoklasta, was arrested for thinking and speaking different.

Abraço and thank you for your words and love.


Spaceboys - Moonshine (feat. Kalaf)

"All time dance favourite from Lisbon"

Cacique'97 - Eu Quero Tudo

"Classic Afrobeat from Lisbon."

NEL ASSASSIN - It's a Complow

"Family! Legendary DJ, Mc's all family."

Kussondulola - Dançam No Huambo

"Reggae band from Lisbon, composed mostly by Angolans. Big local reggae classic."

Chullage – Ignorância XL

"Breaks favourite, classic lyricist."


"Simply my favourite Portuguese rap band."

Phay Grande - Atirados a sorte

"Phay Grande - Just a shame you can't understand how great this guy is."

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