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Guest Playlist: Son of Dave

March '16

Foot stomping, booty shaking bluesman Son Of Dave brings us a selection of fifteen fine floorfillers. The one-man harmonica and beatboxing genius has toured the globe with everyone from Iggy and The Stooges to Grace Jones, hitting up almost every dirty blues joint you can imagine on the way. Equipped with just his voice, a harmonica, percussion and a loopstation, his live show will get you grooving to his songs, telling tales of booze and women.

The multi-instrumentalist is set to release his seventh studio album, Explosive Hits, on April 15th – a collection of carefully picked covers, including the likes of Leadbelly, AC/DC, Daft Punk and Rudimental, all in his unique blues style. He’ll be celebrating the release with a full UK Tour in May. Get your tickets quick – you don’t want to miss out on this party.

Son Of Dave has hand picked us a playlist of classics, oddities and rarities that he owns on 45. From Big Mama Thornton to James Brown, they're all designed to get you moving on the dancefloor.

Time to boogie...


"Tunes like this make me crazy on a dancefloor. I never went to jive school so I tend to step on the antique shoes and elbow the pristine pinstripe suits of the retro-cats and piss 'em off. But this song is made for drunkenly swinging your gal around until you both collapse."

Joe Liggins - 'The HoneyDripper (Part 1)'

"More jive or whatever. On the wrong side of town this "race music" was what they were getting down to. Blues was more on the porch before the electric guitar and amplified harmonica. The saxophone, piano and loud vocals were in charge."

Big Momma Thornton - 'Hounddog'

"Then the electric guitar entered. This record sold millions four or five years before Elvis made it legal to white teenagers."

Champion Jack Dupree - ‘Stumblin' Block’

"The Blues was catching up to the jive here. I played these records under the stars on little turntables and amplifiers many times. This one gets 'em shuffling around in a trance."

Little Walter - Teenage Beat

"And amplified harmonica replaced the saxophone in the midwest. This instrumental is simple but mesmerising and keeps the dancefloor drooling. My favorite harp player setting the heavy standard on the chromatic harp."

Booker T and the Mg's - Hip Hug Her

"My fav Booker T song by far. I open my radio show on Soho Radio with it every time. The Stax house band in their glory."

Willis Jackson Quartet - Keep On Blowin'

"More for standing at the bar and drinking. These guys make the dirtiest barroom music I know. It’s that organ. Sets a mood, damn."

Dyke And The Blazers - Funky Broadway

"What can one say? It was a craze. The funk is spreading."

James Brown - Honky Tonk

"I can't afford rare records. There are good records that aren't rare. If you want a more interesting set, go somewhere else."

Little Francisco Greaves - Moving-Grooving

"The funk was everywhere. Here it is in Panama, put out by the good people at Soundway records. Yes, all these tunes I'm listing are records I have on 45, in case you're wondering."

Orquesta Los Van Van - Llegue, Llegue

"A record I picked up in Cuba. Which will turn into an American party resort and criminal hangout again soon. The country I mean, not the record. I don't like flutes much, but this group is good nonetheless."

Hector Rivera - At The Party

"Returning to the States but keeping the Latin theme. A good bit of Boogaloo."

The Fatback Band - Keep on Steppin'

"It’s not a big jump to start Steppin'! Disco is next. This is about having fun, nothing else."

Marvin Gaye - Got To Give It Up (Parts 1 & 2)


"Have to flip this 45 halfway through this very long groove. I discovered this late in life. I've never liked Michael Jackson. How can anybody have the nerve after Marvin Gaye does this to a dance floor and a falsetto.

I'm done. Now the next DJ can try to get her back on the floor, but he won't succeed.

Son of Dave"