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Guest Playlist: OthaSoul

MAY '16

OthaSoul are Louis VI, Dozer Carter and DMobbs. Hailing from Camden Town, the trio combine instrumentation and samples to make their very own boom bap hip-hop sound.

Last year saw OthaSoul release their debut full-length, The Remedy. Aptly described as “a reflection on the state of the world and the struggle of their home city”, the neo-soul infused hip-hop album featured on our Favourites for 2015 and Dig and Discover. Having supported the likes of Talib Kweli in 2015 and fellow UK hip-hop artist Loyle Carner on the German leg of his European tour last month, we’re eager to see what they’ve got in store next.

The boys have put together a playlist featuring tunes from across the pond from the likes of Anderson .Paak, Common and Black Star, and music from fellow peers such as Barney Artist, ROM and Loyle Carner, all killing it on the UK hip-hop scene.

Oh, and if you’re about in London next month, get down to Louis VI’s first Like Water night featuring Soulection’s Hannah Faith. More info and tickets here.

Common - 'Resurrection' (Extra-P Remix)

"For whenever we need rhyme inspiration".

Fatima - 'Family'

"Something to remind us of home".

Craig Mack - 'Get Down'

"That old skool, funky classic sound for the party. Easy Mo Bee was a beast"

Loyle Carner - 'Ain't Nothing Changed'

"The realest on the mic, him and Rebel got that perfect formula".

Anderson. Paak - 'The Waters'  NOTHING CHANGED'

"Probably the best song in the world at the moment"

Barney Artist - 'Painting'

"Whole Painting Sounds album is insane but this hits home the most"

ROM - 'You Love Em' (Ft. Emmavie)

"Nothing better than seeing your friends make great music together"

Jelani Blackman - 'Submarine'

"Our boy Jelani with the most distinctive voice in music - period"

Black Star - 'Little Brother'

"You've actually got to watch the live performance because The Roots playing a Dilla beat is pure bliss"

Roc Marciano - 'Change'

"Best video, best sample, best delivery. Always look to Roc for that inspiration. Shout out to The Purist reppin for LDN".