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Guest Playlist: Bitter's Kiss


Bitter's Kiss is the moniker of New Jersey based teenager Chloe Baker, who has written and recorded all of her tracks with the help of her father Michael Baker. A formidable songwriter for her age, her self-titled debut album has gained critical acclaim for its poignancy and mature subject matter, covering topics as diverse as religion, suicide and love. Her latest single, 'Where Do We Go?' is a powerful take on the refugee crisis demonstrating her ability to craft songs that address important socio-political issues. 

Covering an eclectic range of songwriters from The Beatles to Big Sean, we are delighted to share with you a carefully curated playlist from Chloe that delves into her influences.

The Beatles - Blackbird

This song was the first song I sang live with my dad. I think it tells a great story that talks about freeing yourself from negative things and about overcoming your struggles. 



I used to listen to this song in the car when I was younger. I think it’s very important to stay true to where you came from and I think that this song expresses that. I can also relate to Bruce Springsteen because of the honesty of his music and the fact that we are both from New Jersey. 

Sarah McLachlan - Angel

This song has a special meaning to me because it played the day my mom's best friend died a while ago. I think it is a beautiful song where the lyrics can really shine because the music is complementing the voice so well.



I like this song because it's very self empowering. It is a song about growing to your fullest potential and following your dreams. I can relate to this because I am following my dream at the moment by pursuing music. I think a lot of rap that's popular these days is about girls, money,                                                                            and drugs. It's nice to see rap done in a                                                                              meaningful way. 


the Dixie Chicks - Landslide

My family and I do 4 part harmonies to this song on road trips. The Dixie Chicks were also the first artists I saw live in concert. I like the song because I think it has a beautifully melody. The lyrics also have meaning and the harmonies in the song add an extra element.


Coldplay - The scientist

I think that this song has a good message about how life is hard and you can't always be prepared for what's going to happen. I also love the voice and melody.



Milky Chance - loveland

This song takes you out of reality and into the “Loveland” which the song creates. The delicate music against a raspy voice creates a very interesting sound.



Bob Marley - three little birds

My dad used to sing me to sleep with this song and now I sing it to my little sister. It is a song that makes you happy and optimistic. It always helps when I'm having a bad day.


Elton John - tiny dancer

I love Elton John’s music. I think the melodies are beautiful and create a specific atmosphere that's powerful but hard to describe. This song just evokes feeling in the listener and the piano in it is very cinematic. 


John Lennon - Imagine

I love the message on this song. I thought it was clever of him to motivate people by showing them what life could be like. I also think the simplicity of the music makes way for the vocals and lyrics to be heard.